Saffraan is in the mood

Saffraan winning in Drogeham

A week after the DHH day our next stop was a show in Drogeham. We scheduled this show for Saffraan to give him some more ‘ring feeling’. He needs to show a couple times to become more relaxed. Because of my accident Saffraan did not get shown a lot this season. While warming up it became clear that Saff was again ready to go. It was a big class and they needed a workout to pick the winner. Saffraan never gives up and also this time he stayed sharp. This resulted again into a victory pass.

(news posted on September 1, 2007)

    Show Horse Magazines write: Saffraan is reborn!

Saffraan winning the first Manno-Trophy ever handed out.

Saffraan is back in shape! At the National Dutch Harness Horse day he won the first Manno-Trophy ever handed out. After a year of not being in a great form he is again right on the money! This is a great feeling. It is fun for him again to give everything in the ring. We treated a minor injury that bothered Saffraan for a long time. After this was healed we picked up the training, changed it a bit and the result is more then satisfying. We are looking forward to the next ‘big’ stop at the UPD.



Gerlinde with the heavy trophy

The Manno-Trophy is a miniature Manno in solid bronze. My top groom Gerlinde van Asselt had a hard time carrying the statue from the centre ring to the truck. After lifting it by myself I figured why!

(news posted on August 2, 2007)

    Saffraan with 15 sons leading sire at Stallion Selection 2007


January the 6th will be an important day for Ritsma Show Horse. At this Saturday the annual Dutch Harness Horse Stallion Selection will be held. Coming 3-year old colts of Saffraan's first foal crop will be presented. Saffraan is very popular because he is by far the #1 sire with 15 signed up sons!

We will take 5 Saffraan stallions that are each by each pretty, good moving and well bred. Besides all these good Saffraan offspring we also bring an impressive Plain's Liberator son. This colt has great hocks and lots of action. Watch our news site for more details.

(news posted on December 17, 2006)

    Top young Breeding Stallion for lease


Ritsma Show Horse offers the Half Arabian English Breeders a unique possibility to get access to a great Dutch Harness Horse stallion. We offer the very promising Dutch Harness Horse Zagreb for lease!

The coming 3 year old Zagreb is very well bred with 2 National Champion stallions in a row; Saffraan and Jonker. His damline shows many predicates and produced several high ranked show horses. Eye-catching are the great necks and show horse attitude this family characterizes.

Zagreb was a Champion foal and top 5 at the prestigious National Foal Championship. He developed into an appealing, great necked and very trainable horse with extreme open motion. He combines all this with a great show horse attitude.

Please contact us for more info and the favourable lease conditions.

(news posted on December 17, 2006)

    Extreme Saffraan colt

Saffraan x Lorton

The well-known trainer Lambertus Huckriede has a new star! This coming 3 year old colt is by Saffraan and out of a Lorton mare. He is out of Saffraan's first full foal crop.

Lambertus; 'This Saffraan is the best young horse I got of the past years. It is a cross between Private Dancer and Trudalya (2 famous Dutch show horses, red). I knew from the first step in harness that this Saffraan colt was a great talent'.

Dr. Huckriede will show this colt the coming season. We will keep you updated!

(news posted on December 17, 2006)

    Winkler Prins Reserve at UPD-show

Winkler Prins is all show horse

Last Saturday was an important day for RSH. The UPD-show was held; this indoor horse show is always exciting and famous for the good atmosphere. Many National Championship Titles could be won.

One class is always extra interesting and that is the 'Futurity Fine Harness Class'. Everybody looks forward to this class because the 'new' future show horses give their best. It is fun to watch and compare all the fresh futurity horses. We were looking forward to show our stallion Winkler Prins in this exciting class. Because there were so many competitors we first had to try to make the cut, this worked out fine. The final was 10 minutes later. Winkler Prins was super fresh and danced in front of the gate waiting for it to open. As soon as we hit the ring the people started to shout, that is always a great feeling. The judges asked 3 horses for a workout and Winkler Prins was one of them. In the workout he got more confident and gave a great feeling. The enthusiastic spectators made a lot of noise. That is what it is al about; excitement! Winkler Prins got sometimes a little too excited and made a few mistakes. He won the Reserve Title and got beat by an approved stallion. We are very pleased with this great result.

In the evening section I showed Saffraan, the National Champion of last year. Saffraan did not give the super feeling I'm used to with him. The class was crowdie and we were covered up most of the time. This resulted in an unusual low pinning. We are looking forward to Saffraan's next show and go for it!

(news posted on September 28, 2006)

    Saffraan colts out first full foal crop to Stallion Selection

After his approval National Champion Saffraan bred 12 mares. The next full breeding season was a lot better. Out of this first full foal crop we will present several colts at the Stallion Selection 2007. The young Saffraan colts are inside now for 2 weeks. We started the training lightly and are very excited about the quality of the colts. They all are pretty with good necks and a strong hind end. Below you will find info on some of the young Saffraan stallions. The pictures show them a week after they came in from the field. We will keep you posted on their progress!


Saffraan x Larix x Renovo

The Saffraan x Larix x Renovo is a pretty liver chestnut with a great neck. His motion is strong with a nice action. It looks like he is going to be somebody! His dam is the multiple National Champion keur mare Piantha what makes him a half brother to our stallion Winkler Prins. This line produced many National Champion show horses and several approved stallions.


Saffraan x Wilhelmus x Hoogheid

Zeron; Saffraan x Wilhelmus x Hoogheid is bay, refined and sharp looking. He had some starting problems but looks now very promising. Zeron?s athletic ability is enormous and his will to work is a great plus. The pretty mare Godine ster preferent is his mother what makes Zeron a half brother to Superieur. This colt won the Reserve Title at the Stallion Selection and got invited for the Central Test. Another famous horse out of this line is the approved stallion Talos.


Saffraan x Sultan's Great Day x Oman's Luck

Zaffraan is one of our favourites. This chestnut colt is by Saffraan x Sultan?s Great Day x Oman?s Luck, yes the dam side is 100% Saddlebred. This makes Zaffraan a great outcross and super interesting for the DHH breed. Several mares in his damline are in the Broodmare Hall of Fame. Zaffraan is very refined, long necked, upright, long legged and he shows the quality we want for a show horse. His motion is strong with a good technique, especially behind.


Saffraan x Wouter x Cambridge Cole

Zidane is another pretty chestnut by Saffraan x Wouter x Cambridge Cole. Right now his strong hindend and floating moment are remarkable. Zidane is out of the beautiful and upright keur mare Gitesse, this makes him a half brother to the show horse Rudolph. Another half brother is Lennard who made it to the Central Test several years ago. Arnaldo is a sibling to Zidane, this colt became 5th at the National Foal Championship and is waiting for the 2008 Stallion Selection.

(news posted on September 28, 2006)

    Triple Crown for Saffraan Foals

Foal Champion Belmiro

For the third year in a row a Saffraan foal became Overall Foal Champion at the Provincial Show of Overijssel. This is quite an accomplishment!

This year the chestnut Belmiro of the proud owner and breeder Evert Sneller got the top honours. The judges described him as a foal with a wonderful show horse type, lots of motion and a great carriage.

Belmiro is also invited for the prestigious National Foal Championship. Hopefully he will repeat this success!

(news posted on July 14, 2006)

    Winkler Prins not approved

Winkler Prins at the Central Test

After the Central Test our beautiful Patijn son Winkler Prins did not get approved. This was very disappointing for us. We still believe in the qualities of this extreme horse and keep him a stallion. It is the plan to show him in the fine harness futurity class in September at the UPD-show.

We will keep you informed!

(news posted on July 28, 2006)

    Saffraan wins Oregon Cup!


Unbelievable, great, super! This is what I shouted in the microphone of the speaker after winning the Oregon Cup. It was not an easy class; we had to work hard for it. Saffraan was great; he put all the energy in his extreme motion. In the beginning of the class he was a little to ?hot? but in the workout Saffraan did everything right. With winning the prestigious Oregon Cup Saffraan belongs to the select group of top show horses.

(news posted on March 4, 2006)

    Wervelwind goes to Central Test


Our Patijn colt Wervelwind was during the Stallion Selection one of the most impressive horses. With his enormous long fine neck and sharp motion he was the people?s choice. At the last selection round on February the 4th in Den Bosch he got selected for the Central Test. In the morning he blew everybody away and the audience was going wild. We bought Wervelwind as a foal together with our friend Reinie Tewis. Wervelwind is out of the Hiantha damline which stands for refinement, beauty and performance. His mother is the Multiple National Champion keur-mare Piantha by the keur stallion Larix. Wervelwind?s second dam is the famous Champion Hiantha ?keur? (by Renovo). Several good horses come from this line such as: Horal (NAWPN approved stallion), Larix (KWPN keur-stallion) and Tiantha (Champion mare).

Wervelwind will go to the 50 days Central Test in the first week of April. We hooked him already and this looks very promising!

(news posted on March 5, 2005)

    Black Wayne gets 'ster' predicate

Wayne shows his strong trot

The beautiful black stallion Wayne received the ?ster? predicate at the first round of the Stallion Selection in January. This young stallion is refined, upright and sharp eared. His sire is the ASB Immigrant who is also the sire of the popular black stallion Majesteit. Wayne?s dam is the black Champion mare Renerose ?ster? by Heineke. As third sire we find again ?the legend? Renovo. Wayne?s damline is called the Denderose-line. Many, many top Dutch Harness Horses come from this dam-line.

(news posted?on March 4, 2006)

    Happy New Year!

Champion colt Arnaldo

Ritsma Show Horse


Wishes you a very successful and healthy 2006!


Marcel Ritsma & Jenny van Kammen



The picture shows the Champion Dutch Harness Horse colt Arnaldo by Saffraan


    Saffraan wins National Championship Title Fine Harness!
    Saffraan wins also Stallion Cometition 2005

Yesterday we of RSH had a top day! One of the most prestigious horse shows of The Netherlands, the UPD-show, took place. We brought 2 horses; Van Oranje and Saffraan. Van Oranje is our 3 year old Futurity Fine Harness Horse. In his class there were plus minus 27 horses. The 9 best horses got selected for the Final. Van Oranje was one of them. During the Final he got invited for a workout and ended at an honourable third place. We are very pleased with this great result at his first horse show. Van Oranje will end higher if he gets a little bit steadier during the class. His talent is obvious. Van Oranje will be shown next season in the Futurity Fine Harness Competition. We will keep you updated as always!


Saffraan wins National Title

The highlight of the UPD-show was the National Championship Fine Harness for Approved Stallions. Before Saffraan could participate in this top class he had to qualify in the Final of the Stallion Competition. Saffraan won all 3 previous Competition classes and a good result in this Final would make Saffraan the winner of the Stallion Competition 2005. This happened; he won the Final Competition class and received the Champion ribbon and trophy. Ten minutes later the National Championship Fine Harness for Approved Stallions started. Saffraan was in a great sharp shape. His frontleg action was incredible and his hockuse very strong and correct. After the line-up the judges asked for a workout. We had to show against the great Patijn but Saffraan gave everything and that was a lot! The crowed went crazy and carried us to the title, we want to thank all the Saffraan fans for that! Winning this prestigious title means a lot for us. We are looking forward to the Oregon Cup. (news posted on September 25, 2005)

    Saffraan wins 3 times in a row

Saffraan in Hoogland; wins again

The stallion competition of 2005 is reaching its end. Saffraan won all the classes he performed in so far. One of the best shows was last week in Hoogland. Saffraan always likes this show; it is a big outdoor event with a great atmosphere. During the workout he gave everything. Saffraan trotted to the victory with power, carriage and his extreme style of motion.

The Overall Final of the Stallion Competition is on September 24, during the UPD show. We will keep you updated on Saffraan?s performance.

(news posted on September 20, 2005)

    The Clarke Vesty Move

The CV-Move

Is this the secret weapon of Clarke Vesty that makes him so successful at the Renai show? I think Clarke hypnotizes the horses and tells them to win the class. I have to warn everybody though; do not try this at home!

I want to thank Hilda Cazemier for the great picture.

(news posted on September 25, 2005)

    New owner for National Champion Stallion Wando

Wando wins National Title

There was a run on ou stallion Wando after winning the National Title. This great 2 yr old is recommended as the stallion with the greatest potential as an approved stud; according to the official studbook magazine.

We sold Wando to our friend and client Ruben Mulder. It is his plan to present Wando at the stallion selection in January.

If Wando passes the tough Approval Process he will stand at stud at our farm.

Check the news often to read about the career of this National Champion.

(news posted on September 18, 2005)

    Saffraan foals promote their dad at National Foal Show

Amaretto; Saffraan x Jonker

Yesterday morning we left our barn with 9 mares and their Saffraan babies. Our truck got followed by 5 horse trailers. It was quite a tour. We arrived at the showground?s after a couple hours and started to show the first baby almost immediately.


Only the very best babies of The Netherlands were invited for this National Championship. It is already a great accomplishment if you may show your baby at this prestigious foal show.


The day went very successful for us. In the morning the babies got pre-selected and the best were invited for the Overall Final. Most of the Saffraan foals showed their expressive trot with a good self carriage.


Arnaldo; Saffraan x Wouter

A total of 16 foals were invited for the Final at the end of the day. 4 Saffraan babies were selected; this is 25%, what a result!


We had 3 babies in the Top Ten and 2 in the Top Five. The crowd favourite was Arnaldo, Saffraan x Gitesse keur by Wouter. This colt has everything a show horse needs. Quality, refinement, nice markings and an excellent trot with lots of carriage.


We are looking forward to the next keuring season. In 2006 the oldest Saffraan?s will be 3 years old.

(news posted on August 28, 2005)

    RSH is Interpolis Agency

Since a couple months we of RSH are an agency for the Horse Insurance Company Interpolis. Via us you can insure every horse related item. From your horse, embryo and show buggy to your horse truck. For more info please contact us or click here for more info.(news posted on August 22, 2005)

    Saffraan leading sire at Foal Nationals

Amaretto; Saffraan x Jonker


The National Foal Championship will be held next Saturday, August 27, in Ermelo. In the past keuring season the very best foals are selected to go to this prestigious Championship. Saffraan is the sire of 11 foals that are elected. This makes Saffraan the ?Number 1 Sire? followed by Manno (8 babies) and Talos (6 babies). We of RSH have to show 9 foals that we showed and got selected.

(news posted on August 21, 2005)

    Saffraan Reserve Champion at Nationals

Saffraan in the workout

It was close? Saffraan became Reserve in the Fine Harness Stallion Class at Nationals. After the first go with 5 other stallions there was a workout with Saffraan, Manno and Torino. The battle was between Saffraan and Manno. The crowd got crazy, they shouted for there favorite and it helped Saffraan and me to give everything, but this was just not enough for the judges to tie us first. It was a sensational way to become Reserve. We want to thank all the people that yelled for Saffraan. It motivates us to get even better the next time. We will be back!

(news posted on August 21, 2005)

    Wando National Champion!

Wando; National Champion!

It is time for a party at Ritsma Show Horse! Yesterday on the ?National Dutch Harness Horse Day? our 2 year old stallion Wando became National Champion. He scored an 85 for conformation and 86 points for motion, an incredible result.


Wando is by the great Manno and out of the pretty keur mare Miranda. She is sired by the top producer Fabricius. The second dam is the preferent mare Hallee by the foundation stallion Cambridge Cole. Many good performing show horses come directly out of this line.


Wando was great, with his incredible neck and carriage he overwhelmed the judges. His motion is very correct and strong and his type reflects his quality as a show horse. With Manno, Fabricius and Cambridge Cole this young stallion has all the top producers of our breed in his pedigree. This makes him extra interesting as a breeding horse. We will keep you informed about his show and breeding career.

(news posted on August 21, 2005)

    Saffraan puts stamp on foal show

Overall Champion Arnaldo

The foal keuring in Tolbert, on July 29, emphasized the breeding qualities of Saffraan. All his 5 foals show got a first premium and 3 got invited for the prestigious National Foal Championship!


The winner of the colts was Arnaldo (Saffraan x Wouter). This longnecked foal is refined and impressive in his presentation. We of RSH own this colt together with the breeder. The dam is the keur mare Gitesse who is also the mother to the Saffraan colt Zidane. He went to Nationals last year. The second place in the colt class was for Adelgraaf. This black colt is also by Saffraan and out of a Champion ?ster? mare by Waterman. Adelgraaf colt is also owned by us. He has an extreme neck and lots of motion. This combined with his coal-black colour makes him very eye-catching.


Reserve Champion A Beautiful Day

The first placed filly was a high quality chestnut Saffraan daughter out of a Cambridge Cole mare. Her name; A beautiful Day, suits her perfect. She moves great with an extreme front leg action. We bought her and are planning on showing her as a 2 year old. The second placed filly is bred and also owned by us. This upright and pretty chestnut is out of our former show horse Fhilda by Renovo. Both fillies can be a great contribution to our breeding program.


On the end of the day the Overall and Reserve Champion Foal got picked out, both were by Saffraan! The Overall Championship title was for Arnaldo and the Reserve Title went to A Beautiful Day. This 2 Saffraan foals together with Adelgraaf are selected for The National Foal Championship.

(news posted on August 20, 2005)

    First Saffraan ever born wins 2 year old class

Wilhelmin is the name of the 2 year old Saffraan filly that impressed everybody with her great motion and self carriage. This first Saffraan ever born won the 2 year old class at the Central Keuring of the province Groningen. She used her long legs like a show horse is supposed to do, lots of front leg action and strong bending hocks. This overwhelming performance got rewarded with the winning ribbon and an invitation for the prestigious National Dutch Harness Horse day. We of RSH are proud to have a mare as Wilhelmin in training.

On the same keuring we also presented 2 Saffraan colts. Both did very well what resulted in a second and third place. These colts both got send to the National Foal Keuring, a great accomplishment for Saffraan. (news posted on August 1, 2005)

    Saffraan foals again very successful

Aureool shows his quality

On the Central Keuring in Veghel on July 16, again a Saffraan foal did very well. Alanda is out of a Batello mare who gave her the grey colour. Of all the fillies Alanda was the best. Her quality and self carriage got her the Championship Title.

Friday July 22 the first Local Keuring of the province Drenthe was held in Coevorden. On this show also the Saffraan foals were striking. Two foals were invited for the Central Keuring and one took part at the Foal Championship. This extremely necked colt named Aureool, is out of the National Champion keur mare Piantha. We of RSH are very proud to own this high quality Saffraan colt. If everything goes well you will see Aureool back at the Stallion Selection of 2008.

(news posted on July 24, 2005)

    Hopefully Troonprins will not get used to winning

Yesterday the Horse Show of De Westhoek in Dwingeloo was a window for great show horse sport. The first class in the morning we had to show our gelding Troonprins. Driving this strong dark chestnut Renovo son you get winning vibes. And we did win. After the workout with 5 horses I could line Troonprins up as the winner. Our next show will be soon, I?ll keep you posted.

(news posted on July 17, 2005)

    Saffraan filly Overall Foal Champion

Astrona Overall Foal Champion

On the Central Keuring of the Province Overijssel (July, 12) the Saffraan filly Astrona became Overall Foal Champion. The judges described her as a beautiful filly with a great type and a long neck. Her expression and quality make her a real showhorse. Astrona?s front action is great with a lot of knee and suspension. Her hock use is powerful and correct. This Saffraan filly is also invited for the National Foal Championship. A funny detail is that last year the Saffraan colt Zagreb became Overall Champion in Overijssel. Zagreb is out of a half-sister of Astrona.

(news posted on July 17, 2005)

    Saffraan wins in Enschede

Saffraan showed fabulous motion

The great show grounds, perfect organization and the quality of the horses on the Horse Show Enschede, held on June the 4th, were a promotion for the Dutch Harness Horse industry.

At his first outdoor show Saffraan was spectacular. His front action is freaking high and open, something you don?t see of any other Dutch Harness Horse. Saffraan put his hind leg far under the mass and danced through the ring with a great self carriage.

We are looking forward to show Saffraan in the Stallion Competition 2005 and on the National Dutch Harness Horse Day and the UPD. We will keep you updated about his show results.

(news posted on July 17, 2005)

    Troonprins is hard to beat

There was a big audience on the Horse Show in Grootegast on May the 5th, the Dutch Liberty Day. For RSH this is almost a home contest. Our gelding Troonprins is still in the winning mood. He won his class with his extreme style of motion. Although the footing was not excellent due to the rain, he still moved consistent and strong. It is a privilege to own a horse like him, always ready to show and easy to handle. It is a pity that the legend Renovo is not around anymore. We for sure would breed our mare Lieni back to him trying to create a sibling to one of our best show horses.

On the end of the show there was also an opportunity to present young inexperienced horses in order to have them get used to a showring. We took our Blokland Shale?s son Van Oranje. Three weeks before this show we had to make him a gelding. One of his testicles was twisted; there was nothing what we could do about it. It is a shame because we were planning on presenting him again on the Stallion Selection. On his first show he was an eye-catcher and also in Grootegast he did very well. Especially if you take in consideration that he went through this surgery not so long ago. Look for us and Van Oranje on his first official show on the UPD in September!

(news posted on July 17, 2005)

    Saffraan wins Stallion Class

Saffraan; magnificent!

Last week the Diamandhal in Balkbrug was the decor of a great horse show. Lots of enthusiastic spectators, a great atmosphere and good classes made this one of the best indoor shows.

The last class was held at 11 ?o clock at night. Everybody stayed to see the approved stallions show against each other, and it was worth it!

The stallions entered the ring one by one. Saffraan was the first one to go in. After I showed him a half round everybody already started to clap and shout. It was immediately clear who would win the class. Saffraan was magnificent! Every step was huge, with lots of action, suspension and power. We are looking forward to his next show.

By the way; the counter stands on 54 outside breedings!

(news posted at April 24, 2005)

    Van Oranje shown in harness for the first time

Van Oranje at his first show

At the show grounds of Ermelo the annual ?judge day? was held. On this day all the licensed judges come together to evaluate several classes. The goal of this study-day is to get all the judges in the same direction.

We were asked to show one of our young unknown prospects. This was a great opportunity to test how Van Oranje acted during a class. We were very happy with his first performance. Van Oranje showed lots of carriage compared with extreme motion. His hock-use is incredible.

Next week it is the plan to show him again in a futurity class. We will keep you updated.

(news posted on April 11, 2005)

    Saffraan steals the show

Saffraan in long lines

At Saturday April the 2nd the indoor show of Ambt Delden was the place to be. During the night a various program was presented with young prospects, older show horses and approved stallions. We decided to present our stallion Saffraan in long lines. This turned out to be a great success. Saffraan was of another dimension. His expression and gorgeous motion make him look so different. The audience loved him and after the class they gathered around Saffraan?s trailer. This resulted in selling several breedings. The counter stands on 36 outside breedings right now.

(news posted on April 11, 2005)

    RSH Training Assistant earns show license

Sophie & Salvador during the test

Our training assistant Sophie Veenstra got her show license last Saturday. She passed the tough tests and can take part at every show now. During the serious test Sophie showed her own 6 year old gelding Salvador. At 9 o?clock in the morning Sophie had to hook up Salvador while the judges were inspecting her handlings. Salvador was very friendly and didn?t move so Sophie could put the show harness on easily. The next step was showing her horse in a class. Again the judges keep a close eye on the pupils in order to see if they are capable to show a horse. Sophie passed the driving test easy and Salvador was very eye-catching. The first appearance of this new couple is very promising. They are looking forward to a successful show career. We of RSH are very proud at Sophie and wish her a lot of fun, success and horsemanship.

(news posted on April 11, 2005)

    Saffraan colt out of Multiple National Champion

Saffraan x Larix
This 2 week old baby is out of the Multiple National Champion keur mare Piantha. We (RSH) own Aureool together with R. Tewis. It is our plan to present him on the Stallion Selection of 2008. Before that, Aureool will be presented on the KWPN foal keurings. We will keep you listed on his results. (news posted on March 30, 2005)
    Saffraan and Troonprins highlights of SIT

Troonprins winning his class

In the week of 19 till the 26 of March the Indoor Show Tolbert (SIT) was held on the showgrounds of the HJC Riding School in Tolbert. The Saturday night was reserved for the Dutch Harness Horses. We (RSH) took our gelding Troonprins who is already in the winning mood for several months. Also this time his opponents didn?t come close. His extreme high and open motion make Troonprins a show horse that is hard to beat.

On the end of the night there was a stallion presentation. We showed our top stallion Saffraan in long lines. He blew everybody away with his radiant appearance. The audience clapped their hands on the beat of Saffraan?s great strides. Yesterday Saffraan bred his 20th mare of this season! Last week we bought a brilliant Saffraan colt. This 2 week old baby is out of the Multiple National Champion keur mare Piantha. We are planning on posting some picture of our new arrival soon, keep checking our news site! (news posted on March 27, 2005)

    Audience shouts for Saffraan

Saffraan at the ISS

It was a great week for RSH. On the same day as Veldheer got invited for the Central Test we also showed our popular stallion Saffraan. At the International Stallion Show there was a class for approved DHH stallions. It was Saffraan?s first show after his light injury. He was as game as always, what a heart has this incredible showhorse! As soon as we entered the ring the people started to shout for him. The judges had a hard time and didn?t know who to tie first. Saffraan got better during the class because he released some of his energy. The speaker also made clear who he liked by screaming through the mice how extreme Saffraan?s motion was. It didn?t help, Saffraan ended second behind Patijn. It was a very nice second ribbon because during the victory pass the audience again ?told? who they liked the best! (news posted on March 6, 2005)

    Veldheer to Central Test

Veldheer at the Harness Keuring

Last Wednesday the last change for an invitation for The Central Test was the 'Harness Keuring'. At this keuring the stallions may not wear an overcheck or be shod as a showhorse. Only a regular plate is permitted. We presented our 3 year old stallion Veldheer (Immigrant x Waterman). This black ? brother to Majesteit was the only one that earned the highly regarded ticket for the 50 days trail of the six 3 year old stallions that were signed up. The judges described Veldheer as: ?A very pretty refined stallion with stretch and lots of quality. Veldheer has a long fine neck with an expressive face. His front leg is long. He shows a good front leg action and has a strong hock use. Veldheer is extra interesting for the DHH breed because he carries no Renovo blood?. This makes Veldheer the perfect outcross, something we are waiting for, for a long time. (news posted on March 4, 2005)

    Firts Saffraan babies 2005

Saffraan x Jonker

The first Saffraan babies of 2005 are born! We of RSH are looking forward to a great foal season. Hopefully it will be as successful as last years, when Saffraan was one of the top deliverers for the National Foal keuring. Many Saffraan?s did very well and achieved first premium ribbons and Championship Titles. A fine example is the great Champion Zagreb (Saffraan x Jonker). It is the plan to present this high quality colt at the Stallion Selection in 2007. (news posted on February 15, 2005)

    Jonker?s mother bred to Saffraan


The first mare Saffraan bred this year is the top producer Dora (by Wouter keur preferent). This 20 year old keur mare is the dam of the famous show horse and breeding stallion Jonker (by Renovo keur preferent). It is an honour to breed a mare like her. The last couple years Dora did not gave birth to a foal so we keep our fingers crossed.

Last year Saffraan bred 130 outside mares and we are again looking forward to a busy season. The Saffraan yearlings look very good; refinement, quality and motion compared with a great carriage are some of the Saffraan offspring characteristics. We of RSH can?t wait to see the first Saffraan?s wearing leather.(news posted on February 15, 2005)

    Vagebond showed huge trot


On Saturday the 5th the second round of the Stallion Selection was held in Den Bosch. Of the 22 DHH-stallions presented, 11 are invited for the Central Test.

Our stallion Vagebond (Waterman x Fabricius) showed his tremendous trot with carriage and attitude. We expected an invitation for the Central Test especially because he is one of the last Waterman sons available. Vagebond is a long legged tall horse (16.2 hands) with a show horse type.

At the moment we get him ready for the next show season. Vagebond shows a lot of talent as a harness horse and we are looking forward to his first show. Keep checking our News site for more info on his progress. (news posted on February 15, 2005)

    Good results for RSH at Stallion Selection


On January the 8th the first round of the Stallion Selection started at 9:00 a.m. in the IJsselhallen in Zwolle. Almost every DHH fan was present. They watched 67 young stallions trying to get an invitation for the second selection.


Our stallion Vagebond (by Waterman) got this ticket to the second round. He is tall (16.3 hands) and stretchy. His long legs and neck make him a stallion with showhorse looks. Vagebond showed his open and strong motion with a lot of carriage. Vagebond is extra valuable for the DHH breed because he is by the deceased top producer Waterman. At this moment there are no Waterman sons available for the DHH-breed. Vagebond could fulfil this need and contribute to the gene pool diversity.


Van Oranje

Another stallion we presented was Van Oranje. This son of Blokland?s Shales was the first entry of the day. He moved correct and sharp with a great self carriage. The judges decided to make him ?ster?. This opens the door to present him in harness in March. Van Oranje is already hooked and looks very promising. It is a natural talent and we of RSH expect a lot of him in the future.


At the end of the day all the approved stallions were presented. Saffraan was one of the eye catchers. His refinement and quality is something not many DHH stallions have, this together with his extreme motion make Saffraan exceptional within the DHH breed. Last breeding season Saffraan bred 130 outside mares and we are looking forward to the next season. The first breeders already contacted us and it seems breeding season will start soon.

(news posted on January 16, 2005)

    New arrival at RSH


RSH added a new exciting mare to her show string. Wiantha is a 2 yr old talented and pretty filly. Her sire is the black stallion Roy, a Larix son that performed well in the showring. Wiantha?s dam is the National Champion Fine Harness mare Niantha keur by Renovo keur preferent. Yes, she is out of the famous Sjaan damline, the same line that produced Larix, Horal and the Multiple National Champion mares Hiantha and Piantha. We are planning on showing this mare next season. RSH will keep you informed about her training progress.

(news posted on December 27, 2004)

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Champion colt Zagreb; Saffraan x Jonker
Ritsma Show Horse
wishes you a very successfull and healthy 2005!
    Stallion Show 'try out' for Selection

Van Oranje

Friday we (RSH) took our stallions Vagebond (by Waterman) and Van Oranje (by Blokland Shales) to the Stallion Show in IJsselmuiden. This is a perfect opportunity to practice for the Stallion Selection that will be held on January the 8th in Zwolle. A total of 37 Dutch Harness Horse stallions attended the try out. The audience got a good impression of the quality of the colts that will go to the first round of the Selection. In January a total of 65 stallions will try to achieve an invitation for the Second Round in February.

For both Vagebond and Van Oranje it was the first time on a show. We were very pleased with their performance and are heading for Zwolle.

(news posted on December 19, 2004).

    Unielarda also ?keur?


Today we (RSH) presented our 3 yr old mare Unielarda in the IBOP test and with success. We own Unielarda together with Clarke and Karen Vesty from Vesty Show Horse.

As a baby Unielarda already made a deep impression on us so we decided to buy this flashy chestnut. She developed into a strong moving mare with great carriage. This summer Unielarda got her ?ster? predicate and today another important step in her show career is made by achieving the admirable ?keur? predicate.

Unielarda is in foal to Saffraan for 2005. We expect a lot of this baby. Not in the last place because of Unielarda?s great linage. To read more about Unielarda and her famous dam line, please click here!.

(news posted on November 13, 2004)

    Nico back in training


We of RSH decided to bring our stallion Nico back into the show ring. This talented horse retired from showing a couple years ago to fulfil his breeding career. This career is very successful. To see some of Nico?s foals, please click here.

It became clear that Nico?s busy breeding career can go together with showing him. His perfect show horse attitude and great will to work make this possible. It?s a shame to have such a great show horse spend all his time in the breeding shed. Nico is already back in training and we are planning on showing him next season. Check this news page often to find out about his progress!

(news posted on November 4, 2004)

    Stallion Selection 2005

The next Stallion Selection will be held in the first week of January. RSH will present 3 interesting stallions, 2 we own in a partnership.



RSH and VSH will present Veldheer, a ? brother to Majesteit. This beautiful black stallion is a complete outcross for the Dutch Harness Horse breed because he has no Renovo blood in his veins. His sire is the ASB Immigrant and his mother the black ?keur preferent? mare Diandra (by Waterman). A half brother of Veldheer is a breeding stallion at the 3-T farm of Randy and Glendale Tabor. A half sister is one of VSH?s most valuable broodmares. Veldheer is refined and longnecked. He is already in harness and shows extreme front leg action and show horse attitude.


Blokland Shales

Another interesting stallion that RSH owns is Van Oranje a dark chestnut by Blokland Shales and out of Parencia. This mare is a full sister to the show horse Pronkheer. Van Oranje?s second dam is the mother to Tasman?s Landzicht; the fine harness competition winner of 2004. Van Oranje is a super talent. It seems this young upright stallion inherited the talent of his father.



The last stallion RSH will present is the bay Waterman son Vagebond that we own together with our companion R. Tewis. There are no stallions approved of the deceased foundation stallion Waterman and that makes Vagebond extra interesting. Vagebond?s mother is a ?keur? mare sired by Fabricius. This damline already produced several Champion and Reserve Champion show horses. Vagebond is very pretty faced and shows a lot of motion and carriage. He is not hooked yet but his talent is obvious.


We believe these 3 top stallions can contribute a lot to the DHH-breed. We look forward to the Selection and will keep you informed about the results.

(news posted on October 32, 2004)

    Troonprins strikes once again


Last Thursday the unique Dutch Harness Horses showed their qualities at the beautiful indoor horse show of Zuidlaren. The show was held for the 50th time, a reason for our Queen Beatrix to visit this great horse event!

We of RSH took our gelding Troonprins. This 4 yr. old Renovo is bred by us out of our mare Lieni ?ster preferent?. To read more about our successful breeding program, please click here.

Troonprins developed this year into one of the best young show horses of The Netherlands. Every time he is shown Troonprins ends in the top honours with several wins. Also on this jubilee show he was the most wanted guy. Troonprins blew his competitors away and won his class with overpower. Every step expressed extreme action and strength. The audience carried him on applause to the victory.

This was the last show for Troonprins in 2004. We are looking forward to the next show season!


Watch video clip of Troonprins in the victory pass.

(news posted on October 30, 2004)

    Ugone 'keur' with highest score


On Saturday October 23 our Reserve National Champion mare Ugone did the IBOP test (for more info on the IBOP please click here). Of the 15 mares that were signed up for this tough show horse test, only 8 entered the ring. At the end of the morning 4 mares achieved the valuable ?keur-predicate?.

Ugone was the only 3 yr. old that tried to pass this test, and with success. When the judges announced the results it became clear that Ugone achieved the keur predicate with the highest scores of the day! For her ?carriage? Ugone got an 8 (out of 10), ?front leg action? and ?suspension? are rewarded with a 7?, ?hind leg use? and ?will to work? scored also an 8. For the important item ?overall picture as a show horse? Ugone got an 8?. With Ugone being 3 yrs old and expecting her Saffraan baby in March this result is very good.

We of RSH are extreme happy with having such a top-quality mare in our barn. It is our plan to show Ugone next year after her Saffraan baby is weaned.

(news posted on Saturday, 23 October 2004)

    UPD great for RSH

On the weekend of 24-26 September the indoor horse show UPD was held in Utrecht. Especially the Saturday was a fantastic day for Dutch Harness Horse enthusiastic. All the seats were filled and it was packed down the rail. The atmosphere was exciting and the people made clear who their favourite horses were. After the underestimating of the incredible horse Kunstenaar (close related to Saffraan) the audience booed the judges. This is very rear but it shows how passionate the Dutch Harness Horse people are.

On the Friday we showed our gelding Troonprins in the Rising Star Competition. There were 3 clases of +/- 15 horses who tried to get a ticket for the Overall Final. Troonprins made the cut and showed against 11 other horses in the final. We were invited with 6 other horses for a workout. During this workout Troonprins got a little too excited and made a jump to the left. Hereby he hit one of the other horses so we had to excuse ourselves. This was a pity because we were heading to a top ranking. At least everybody saw us show and talked about Troonprins.


The Saturday was super for RSH. Our show horse Torpedo made the cut in the futurity class and he ended at the 5th place in the Final. Torpedo was eye-catching with his great carriage and expression. This resulted in many buyers waiting for us at the gate. Torpedo changed owners and will be shown next season in Fine Harness competitions. We wish the new owners a great time with this wonderful show horse.



The last class of the day was also one of the most exciting ones. This National Championship for Approved Stallions was thrilling! 10 top stallions fought for the top honours. The best 5 were invited for a workout and Saffraan was one of them. The audience filled the air with noise and Saffraan gave everything. It is a privilege to own and show such a talent. Saffraan became third behind Patijn and Manno, but the placing also could be different according to the audience and leading show horse magazines. We were satisfied especially if you take in consideration that Saffraan is much younger and inexperienced then the two horses above him.

With the third place Saffraan took the leading position in the Stallion Competition. The Final of this competition is on October 28, if Saffraan wins this class he also is the winner of the Stallion Competition 2004. We will keep you informed.

(news posted on October 4, 2004)

    Stallion Competition Hoogland victory for Saffraan


On September 19 a Stallion Competition class was held on the Dutch Harness Horse show in Hoogland. After our trip to the Renai Show I picked Saffraan?s training up. He enjoyed his 2 weeks of rest and in the 10 days of training he grew to a super shape. Saffraan?s trademark is his extreme motion and gameness and he showed all his qualities in Hoogland. There was no workout necessary and the first place of Saffraan was unanimous. The magazines talked about a ?super spectacular Saffraan? and ?Saffraan was a size to big for the other stallions?.

Our next stop is the UPD show in Utrecht.

(news posted on October 3, 2004)

    RSH and VSH successful at Renai World Cup Championship Show

On 3 till 5 September the Renai World Cup Championship Show was held on the historical show grounds of Shelbyville, KY. It was a super organised event and we want to thank everybody that made this show possible, especially Tracy and Cole Burr.


Our friends David and Charlene Scibal from Windholm Farm flew us (Jenny and I) in from The Netherlands to help them at the show. They were very successful winning the Reserve Championship Title Renai Yearling with the great colt InItToWinIt. Windholm Farm also earned the ?Championship Title Two Year Old All Breed Fillies? with their straight DHH mare Scooter. And last but not least they won the ?World Champion Breeder of Renai Horses? award!


Our companions Clarke and Karen Vesty from Vesty Show Horse were also winning, as always, on the Renai show. The talk of the show was the 3 yr. old DHH stallion Ulysses. This great show horse, owned by David Roda, won the ?Renai All Breed World Cup Fine Harness Jr. Horse Championship? with trainer Clarke Vesty. The judges were thrilled by Ulysses? carriage and motion. After his class the people stood in line to by him. Ulysses got sold and his next stop with the new owners will be the National Show Horse Finals.


In the Stallion Presentation our stallion Majesteit was eye-catching. As well as in hand as under saddle he proved to be one of the most popular DHH breeding stallions of America. Majesteit was also successful through one of his daughters, the gorgeous black mare Ritida. This refined show horse is owned by Tim and Marty Shea. Ritida won the Championship Title in the ?Renai World Cup Foundation Mares In Hand? class and also unanimously won the ?All Breed World Cup Championship Fine Harness Open?.



The 2004 Renai Show was extra memorable for RSH and VSH because the competing Dutch Harness Horses we sold or own did very well:


Majesteit: owned by RSH & VSH, foundation stallion

Jonker: sold by RSH, foundation stallion

Pandoer: sold by RSH, foundation stallion

Horal: sold by RSH & VSH, foundation stallion

Unbelievable: sold by RSH, passing the stallion approval

Ulysses: sold by RSH, foundation stallion, winning the Renai All Breed World Cup Fine Harness Jr. Horse Championship

Reska: sold by RSH & VSH, Reserve Champion Renai All Breed World Cup Fine Harness Amateur

Ritida: sold by RSH, Renai World Cup Champion Foundation Mares In Hand and All Breed World Cup Champion Fine Harness Open.

InItToWinIt: dam is sold by RSH

Uriah: sold by RSH, foundation stallion

Sandor: sold by RSH and owned by VSH

(news posted on September 20, 2004)

    Ugone Reserve National Champion 2004!


On the National Dutch Harness Horse day RSH presented one 3 yr. old mare; Ugone. She already had a very successful show season winning two Championship titles. We hoped for a Top Ten score at Nationals and that came true.

As soon as I entered the ring I could feel Ugone lit up. She stick her tail in the air and bounced towards the judges to show her great conformation with a beautiful natural pose. Ugone scored 88 points (out of 100) for her looks. The judges described her as being very correct and strong build with a great set long neck, beautiful face and lots of quality. By taking her first step it was already obvious that Ugone also would score high with her trot. She has strong snappy hocks and lots of action and suspension up front. Her neck comes straight out of her shoulder. For her motion Ugone also scored the monster mark of 88 points! This made her to become Reserve National Champion, a success to be proud on.

We will keep you informed on Ugone?s show career. The next stop is the IBOP-test in October. To read more about the IBOP please click here.

(news posted on August 27, 2004)

    Saffraan super at Nationals


Last Saturday, August 21, the National Dutch Harness Horse day was held for the 20th time. It was a great horse show with many good classes and lots of horses.

One of the highlights of the day was the Approved Stallion Class. Eight top DHH stallions competed against each other. As soon as I hit the ring with Saffraan the enthusiastic audience stated to cheer and they supported him during the whole class. That was a great feeling. Saffraan responded positively to all these fans and even got bigger. He was all show horse!

After the line up the ringmaster called for a work out; the first five stallions had to go again. Saffraan took off in the right gear?and showed his extreme high and open motion. It became clear that the first ribbon was a fight between Saffraan and multiple national champion Manno. It was not easy for the judges to pick a winner, it was a close call. This time they choose for Manno and Saffraan became a great reserve.

We of RSH want to thank all the people who supported us during the thrilling class; everybody who cheered their throats sore or banged on the rail. It was flattering to see all the people coming up to Saffraan after the class. Thanks for all the felicitations and phone calls! Watch for us in the Stallion Competition 2004.

(news posted on August 24, 2004)

    Troonprins spectacular


Uithuizen was the decor of a nice horse show last Saturday. The sun and bleu sky together with the enthusiastic audience made the show a success. For RSH it was even better. Our gelding Troonprins again was spectacular. His tremendous motion makes him so different from the rest. He goes extreme high and open. After the line up the judges asked for a workout. Troonprins was great. I could feel the energy through the reins. Just in front of the judge he break into a canter, too game! This made him end second but he was the talk of the show!

(news posted on August 8, 2004)

    Troonprins wins


The weather was great and so was the audience last Saturday on the Horse Show in Wouterswoude. We showed our gelding Troonprins and he was spectacular. I was asked to line up as number 1 but it was not done yet. There was a workout with two other horses. Troonprins got better and better. He showed his extreme trot with flair. He gave me an excellent feeling. This got only better when the speaker announced that Troonprins was the winner of the Fine Harness Futurity class. Watch for us on our next stop Saturday in Uithuizen.

(news posted on August 2, 2004)

    Zaffraan successful on Foal Keuring


Last Friday the annual Foal Keuring of the provinces Groningen, Friesland and Drente was held. Several high quality DHH babies showed up to compete against each other and try to earn an invitation for the National Foal Keuring.

We (RSH) took our beautiful Saffraan colt; Zaffraan. This top quality colt is the only Saffraan x ASB cross in the world. That his pedigree is not his only unique feature became clear at the keuring. The judges placed him first in the colt class and invited him for the Overall Championship. They described Zaffraan as an extreme looking colt with a great neck set and good carriage. His refinement and motion reflect his quality. The fact that Zaffraan is out of a Saddlebred mare makes him extra interesting for the future, according to the judges. Maybe this colt can play an important role in solving the gene pool problem.

In the Championship Zaffraan became Reserve Champion. Besides that Zaffraan also got an invitation for the National Foal Keuring. Again a Saffraan baby that makes great promotion for his dad!

(news posted on August 1, 2004)

    Unielarda received the ster predicate

Another mare we (RSH) presented did well at the Central Keuring of Groningen. Unielarda is by the keur stallion Wouter and out of the National Champion Fine Harness and keur mare Jifilarda sired by Renovo keur preferent.
After her performance the judges rewarded Unielarda with the valuable ster predicate. We are very happy with this result. Unielarda was obligated to earn this predicate by looking at her pedigree. Her damline is richly provided with predicates.
We own Unielarda together with our friends Clarke and Karen Vesty. She is in training for her IBOP test. We will keep you informed about Unielarda getting her keur predicate.
(news posted on July 25, 2004)
    Ugone did it again!


On the Central Keuring of the province Groningen all the pre-selected DHHs of the whole province came together. In this select group of quality horses our mare Ugone jumped out for the second time in a row. After winning the Champion title at the Local Keuring she again was superior. In the Championship class Ugone had to compete against 2 other high quality mares. Her biggest opponent was the Champion of last year; the keur and elite mare Talitha. Although this mare also showed great motion, Ugone?s quality, beauty and class made the difference. With the fabulous scores; 84 for conformation, 80 for motion and 82 for overall picture as a show horse, Ugone won the Overall Championship Title of this Central Keuring. She also got an invitation for Nationals. We of RSH are proud to compete with her on this prestigious show.

If we get Ugone ready in time, she is only hooked up 5 times yet, Clarke Vesty will show her also in fine harness at Nationals. We will keep you informed!

(news posted on July 25, 2004)

    Saffraan babies very impressive on Central Keuring


On the Central Keuring of the province Overijssel were two good filled foal classes; one for fillies and one for colts. In the filly class one Saffraan foal attended. This pretty filly, out of a ster mare by Marvel, got placed fourth and received an invitation for the prestigious National Foal Keuring. According to the judges this Saffraan filly had a lot of expression and was pretty and trotted strong with a good carriage.

In the class for colts we had two Saffraan?s. The first one is out of a ster mare by Wouter. This extreme longnecked colt is named Zidane. While posing he overwhelmed the judges with his refinement and nobility. Zidane trotted with attitude, suspension and a strong action as well as in front as behind. He got placed second and also received the honourable invitation for Nationals.


Zagreb is the other Saffraan colt we presented. His mother is also ster and sired by Jonker. Zagreb was superior. The judges? comments existed only out of superlatives. They were thrilled about his quality, looks and tremendous carriage. His motion is perfect with lots of action and suspension. As soon as this Saffraan colt grabbed his trot the audience started to support him. From the first step this colt took of with great power behind and a lot of cadence. Zagreb is able to accelerate and still stay in form. He performed as a top showhorse, according to the judges. Zagreb won the orange ribbon (first place) and also got selected for the National Foal Keuring. On the end of the day Zagreb had to compete against the first placed filly in the Final Foal Championship. The Saffraan colt did what everybody expected: win!
Please?click here?if you want to read more about Saffraan and his get.
(news posted on July 15, 2004)
    Ugone Overall Champion of the keuring


Last Wednesday the annual Local Keuring of the province Groningen was held. It was a beautiful day with lots of horses from the whole province showing up. RSH took two 3 year old mares. Both mares got rewarded with a first premium and invited for the Central Keuring.

Our mare Ugone got selected for the Overall Championship on the end of the day. In this final class Ugone had to show against four other top mares. Our mare did what she had to do. She showed her extreme strong and correct trot with carriage and attitude. After the line up the Championship ribbon was hers. Winning this honourable title on her first show was a great success.

For more info on Ugone please?click here!

(news posted on July 9, 2004)

    RSH & VSH #1 in DHH industry

RSH & VSH sold 5 and own 4 of the 12 Dutch Harness Horse foundation stallions that are listed on the Renai Foundation Directory. According to the Renai Horse Registry the foundation stallions are of high quality and have proven themselves as sires in their respective breeds, demonstrated outstanding ability as individuals, are approved and licensed as stallions in other recognized registries and/or have presented to the Renai Horse Registry, three or more crossbred offspring which score an 80 or higher in movement and conformation. The fact that we own(ed) 9 of the 12 foundation stallion?s emphasis that the Dutch Harness Horses we sell are of top quality. This proves that RSH & VSH are the #1 in the DHH business! The picture shows our popular breeding stallion Majesteit.
(news posted on May 12, 2004)